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Supreme Court -One Year On
By Right.Hon'ble Lord Clarke; Hon'ble Justice,Supreme Court of United Kingdom  
2011 (5) Com.LC J 23

Treating Like Cases aLike and Unlike Cases Differently Some Problems of Antidiscrimination Law
By Right.Hon'ble Lord Walker; Hon'ble Justice,Supreme Court of United Kingdom  
2011 (5) Com .LC. J 32

Protecting Human Rights Without a Bill Of Rights
By Right.Hon'ble Justice Robert French AC; Hon'ble.Chief Justice,High Court of Australia  
2011(5)Com .LC. J 43

Judicial Independence & Accountability:A View From The Supreme Court
By Right.Hon’ble Lord Phillips; Hon'ble President Supreme Court of United Kingdom  
2011(4)Com.LC J 1

Courts in a Representative Democracy
By Right.Hon’ble Robert French AC; Hon'ble Chief Justice High Court Of Australia   
2011(4)COM.LC.J 53

Federalism in the Supreme Court of India and the High Court of Australia
By Right Hon'ble Robert S.French AC; Hon'ble Chief Justice High Court of Australia  
  2011(4) Com.LC J 14

The Judiciary in an Age of Global Interdependence  
By Right.Hon’ble Robert S. French AC; Hon’ble Chief Justice,Australia  
2011(4)COM.LC.J 41

Justice as Fairness –A Contested Ideal  
By Right.Hon’ble Robert French AC; Hon'ble Chief Justice, Australia  
2011(4)COM.LC.J 36

The Role of Judiciary and Media in Social Transformation  
By Right Hon'ble Justice Ashok Kumar Ganguly; Hon'ble Judge Supreme Court Of India  
2011(2)COM.LC.J 1

Arbitration And The Courts Shipping Law Conference  
By Right.Hon'ble Justice Lord Clarke; Hon'ble Justice, Supreme Court Of United Kingdom  
2011(6)COM.LC.J 168

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