Indian Edition Law Bonus
Author Title INR Price US Price
Suman Suman on Arbi 2009 Edition Rs. 50
Saharay Law of Arbitration and Conciliation, Edn. 2001, Rs. 830
Chawla Law of Arbitration & Conciliation, 2nd Edn. 2004, Rs. 875
O P Malhotra The Law And Practice of Arbitration and Conciliation, 2nd edn. 2006 Rs. 1970
Ashwinie K Bansal Arbitration: Procedure and Practice, 2009 Rs. 1295
R. S, BACHAWAT Law of Arbitration & Conciliation 5th edn. 2010; 2 vols. (Hb) Rs. 4500
R. S, BACHAWAT Law of Arbitration & Conciliation 6th edn. 2010; 2 vols. Rs. 4500
PC Markanda Law Relating to Arbitration & Conciliation 7th edn. 2009 Rs. 1695
C R Datta Law of Arbitration & Conciliation (Including Commercial Arbitration) Edn. 2007 Rs. 1495
Chawla S. K. Law of Arbitration & Conciliation in Hindi 1st edn. 2001 Rs. 495
Madabhushi- Sridhar Alternative Dispute Resolution, 2006 Rs. 375
BANSAL ASHWINIE KUMAR Arbitration Agreements & Awards (Law of international & Domestic Arbitration), 2nd Edn. 2006 (Hb) Rs. 750
KOHLI HARI DEV New Case Law Referencer on Arbitration and Conciliation Act (Pb) 2008 Rs. 495
KWATRA G. K. Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution-How to Settle International Business Disputes with Supplement on Indian Arbitration Law 2008 Rs. 395
KWATRA G. K. Arbitration and Conciliation Law of India, 7th Edn, (Reprint) 2009 (Hb) Rs. 995
KWATRA G. K. Arbitration and Contract Law in SAARC Countries 2008 (Hb) Rs. 425
KWATRA G. K. Case Law on UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration (Pb) 2004 Rs. 100
MALIK JUSTICE S.B. Commentary on The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, (Introduction by S. Nariman)(Hb) 4th Edn., 2009 with FREE CD Rs. 1395
SAHARAY MADHUSUDAN Textbook on Arbitration & Conciliationwith ADR (Pb); 2008 Rs. 180
Malik, Surendra Supreme Court on Arbitration (1950 to date) with relevant statutory law, 2001 Edn. W/S 2003 Rs. 625
Singh, Avtar Law of Arbitration and Conciliation, 9th Edn., 2009 Rs. 295
JOHARI Commentaries on Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (2 Vols) (2008) Rs. 2975
Lakshmanan Justice A. R. Arbitration, Business & Commercial Laws (Hb) 2010 Rs. 550
Rao P. C. &William Sheffield Alternative Dispute Resolution What it is and Hoaw it Works (Reprint) (Hb) 2010 Rs. 425
Advocacy / Legal Education
Jagadish swarup Making of a Good Lawyer (with Introdiction by Fali S. Nariman) 2nd edn. rep. (Hb) 2008 Rs. 125
P. Ramanatha Aiyar Advocate His Mind and Art 3rd edn. Rep. 2009 Rs. 695
P. Ramanatha Aiyar Cross Examination Principles & Precedents, 4th. edn 2011 (Hb) Rs. 1195
Aiyar & Aiyar The Principles and Precedents of the Art of Cross Examination, 10th edn. Reprint, 2010 Rs. 1395
P. Ramanatha Aiyar Legal & Professional Ethics– Duties & Previleges of Lawyer, 3rd edn. 2003 reprint 2010 Rs. 595
r. ramachandran Professional Ethics- P/B reprint Rs. 195
M.A. Rashid & N Fasil The Ultimate Guide of LLB Entrance Examination, 2010 Recommended for CLAT (Common Law Aptitude Test) 2nd edn. 2010 Rs. 495
M.A. Rashid & N Fasil The Ultimate Guide of LLB Entrance Examination, Entrance Examination, 3rd edn. 2011 (Pb) Rs. 545
Anwarul Yaqin Legal Research and Writing Methods 2008 Rs. 395
KATJU DR. KAILAS NATH Experiments in Advocacy (A Colossus in the Courts of Justice), (Reprint) (Hb) 2009 Rs. 550
MALIK DR. B. CHIEF JUSTICE The Art of a Lawyer - Cross Examination-Advocacy-Courtmanship, 10th Edn. 2010 (51st Year of Publication) Rs. 1095
Menon, N.R.M. Clinical Legal Education, Reprinted, 2009 Rs. 280
PARAMESWARAN Law of Affidavits, 3rd Edn. (Reprint) (Hb) 2010 Rs. 495
P M Bakshi Law of Affidavits 2nd edn. Reprint 2009 Rs. 295