Indian Edition Law Bonus
Author Title INR Price US Price
Animal Law
GANDHI MANEKA Animal Laws of India, 4th Edn. 2010 (Hb) Rs. 1695
Anti Dumping
VARSHNEY NEERAJ Anti-Dumping Measures under the WTO Regime (Hb) 2007 Rs. 850
Rai, Sheela Recognition and Regulation of Anti-Dumping Measures under the GATT/ WTO, with Free Supplement, 2007 Rs. 695
Malik, P. L ArmsAct, 1959 withArms Rules, 1962,15th Edn. (Annotated) 2009 Rs. 280
Malik, K. K. A. N. Gaur’s Law Relating to Arms, Ammunition & Explosives, 4th edn. with suppl. 1990 Rs. 125