Indian Edition Law Bonus
Author Title INR Price US Price
Khanna, H.R. Neither Roses Nor Thorns, Reprinted, 2010 Rs. 395
K. Ramaswamy Ceaseless and Relentless Journey, 2008 Edition Rs. 725
CHAUDHARY V.K.S Offering at the Altar-My Reminiscences of the Bar, (Hb) 2010 Rs. 595
EDMUND HEWARD Lord Denning-A Biography, 2nd Edn. (Sixth Indian Reprint) (Pb) 2010 Rs. 250
EDMUND HEWARD Lord Mansfield - A Biography(First Indian Reprint) (Pb) 2007 Rs. 215
EDMUND HEWARD Lives of the Judges (Jessel, Caims, Bowen and Bramwell) (Pb) 2007 Rs. 275
EDMUND HEWARD The Great and the Good-A life of Lord Radcliffe (Pb) 2007 Rs. 325
GRAHAM LORD John Mortimer ďThe Devilís AdvocateĒ The Unauthorised Biography, (Second Indian Reprint) (Pb) 2010 Rs. 450
HIDAYATULLAH M. My Own Boswell (Reprint) (Pb) 2010 Rs. 275
JOHN HOSTETTLER Lord Halsbury-A Biography(Indian Economy Reprint) (Pb) 2007 Rs. 195
JOHN HOSTETTLER Red Gown-The Life & Works of Sir Mathew Hale, (First Indian Reprint) (Pb) 2008 Rs. 250
JOHN HOSTETTLER Sir Edward Carson-A dream too far(First Indian Reprint) (Pb) 2007 Rs. 315
JOHN HOSTETTLER Sir Edward Coke-A force for freedom(First Indian Reprint) (Po) 2006 Rs. 225
KERR MICHAEL As Far as I Remember-An Autobiography(First Indian Reprint) (Pb) 2008 Rs. 395
Banking Law /Debt Recovery/Securitsation
Goyle Law of Banking & Bankers, Ed. 1995, Rs. 325
M L Tannanís Bankerís Mannual, 24th Edn. 2011 in 2 Vols. (Hb) Rs. 4495
M L Tannanís Banking Law and Practice in India 22nd edn. 2008 in 3 Vols. Rs. 4995
M L Tannanís Banking Law Digest (1950-2004) 21st edn. 2005 Rep in 2 Vols. Rs. 1980
M L Tannanís Banking Law and Practice in India 23rd ed. Reprint 2010 P/B. Rs. 1195
GUPTA S. N. Law Relating to Guarantees, 6th Edn. 2010 Rs. 1100
GUPTA S. N. Supreme Court on Banking Law, 5th Edn. 2007 (Hb) Rs. 725
GUPTA S. N. Banks and the Consumer Protection Law 2nd Edn. 2007 (Pb) Rs. 295
MEHTARUPA& ROHINTON Credit CardsóA Legal Guide (With special reference to Credit Card Frauds) 2nd Edn. 2009 (Hb) Rs. 375
SHARMA DR. B. R. Bank Frauds- Prevention and Detection, (Also includes Computer and Credit Card Crimes), 3rd Edn. 2009 (Hb) Rs. 650
SHARMA JYOTI Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Indian Consumer Banking 2007 (Hb) Rs. 395
S A NAIK Securitisation, Asset Reconstruction and Enforcement of Security Interest 2008 Edn. Rs. 1395
VINOD KOTHARI Securitisation, Asset Reconstruction and Enforcement of Security Interest 3rd Edn. 2010 Rs. 1695
JUSTICE BANERJEE Guide to Debt recovery Tribunal, 1st edn. 2004 Rs. 995
JUSTICE BANERJEE Guide to Securitisation, Reconstruction of Financial Assets & Enforcement of Security Interest 1st Edn. 2003 Rs. 995
PANDU RANGA RAO Law relating to Debts Recovery Tribunals, 4th Edn. Rs. 745
PANDU RANGA RAO Law relating to Securitisation 4th Edn. Rs. 895
Singh, Avtar Laws of Banking and Negotiable Instruments, 2nd Edn. 2010 Rs. 315
Gupta S. N. The Banking Law in Theory and Practice, 5th edn. (In 3 vols.) (Hb) 2010 Rs. 3600
Kohli Hari Dav New Case Law referencer on dishonour of cheques 2nd edn. 2010 Rs. 380
Q S M Dugarís MRTP LAW, Competition Law & Consumer Protection 4tn edn Reprint 2009 in 2 Vols. Rs. 2990
GUPTA S. N. Banks and the Consumer Protection Law 2nd Edn. (Pb) Rs. 295
Bail & Bonds
Mallick Bail - Law & Practice, 4th Ed. 2008, Rs. 890   $10
Dr. Ashok Law of Bail, Bonds, Arrest and Custody 2008 Rs. 1695
I.L.I. Right to Bail -S.K. Verma & M, Afzaf Wani 2000 (Pb) Rs. 225
JANAK RAJ Bail Law & Procedures with tips to Avoid Police Harassment, 4th Edn. 2010 (Pb) Rs. 250