Indian Edition Law Bonus
Author Title INR Price US Price
Charitable Endowments
Varadachari, V.K. Law of Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments, 4th Edition, 2005 with Supplement, 2006 Rs. 1195
Civil Procedure Code
Mulla Code of Civil Procedure (Abridged) 14th edn. Rep 2009 Rs. 995
Mulla The Code of Civil Procedure (4 volumes) 17th edn. 2007 Rs. 3995
Mulla The Key to Indian Practice (Being a Summary of the Code of Civil Procedure) 9th edn. Reprint 2009 Rs. 395
Sarkarís Code of Civil Procedure, 11th edn. Rep 2010 in 2 Vo!s. Rs. 3390
Sarkarís Civil Court Practice & Procedure Manual 11th edn. 2009 Rs. 1395
Gangulyís Civil Court Practice & Procedure, 13lh Ed. 2005, Rs. 1290
Mitraís Civil Reference, 4th Ed. 2002, Rs. 1290
JUSTICE NANDI Civil Ready Referencer (3 Vols) (2007) Rs. 3000
JUSTICE NANDI Code of Civil Procedure (2009) (2 Vols.) Rs. 2500
MOOKERJEE Civil Court Practice and Procedure (2009) (In Preparation) Rs. 0
Saha Code of Civil Procedure. 4lh Ed. 1989 with Supplement 1995, Rs. 495
MP Jainís The Code of Civil Procedure (Act V of 1908) Gujarati Translation, 2nd edn. 2 Vols. 2008 Rs. 2490
M LJís Code of Civil Procedure 13th edn. in 4 Vols Rep 2009 Rs. 5180
M P Jain The Code of Civil Procedure, 2nd edn. Rep 2009 Eco. P/B Rs. 495
Chakraverti, & Suranjan Nath Cases and Materials on Code of Civil Procedure, 4th Justice M.L. Singhal (in 2 vols.), 2006, Edn, Rs. 1650
Thakker, C.K. Civil Procedure (in 6 large vols.) Vol. 1 to 5 available @ Rs. 875/- p. vol. Rs. 0
Takwani. C.K. Civil Procedure, 6th Edition, 2009 Rs. 395
NARAYAN LAXMAN RAO Commentary on Code of Civil Procedure 2 vols. Rs. 1995
E B C Civil and Criminal Practice Manual, (Pocket) 2008 edn. W/S 2009 Rs. 395
E B C Civil and Criminal Practice Manual, 2nd edn. 2009 Rs. 850
NANDI Civil Ready Referencer (3 Vols) (2007) Rs. 3000
Company Law Sebi Competition Law Competetion Act
A. RAMAIYA; Guide to the Companies Act 17th Edn. 2010 (Hb) Rs. 11995
Roy & Kumar Competition Law in India. edn. 2008, Rs. 395
Bhandari & Makheeja Guide to Memorandum, Articles & Incorporation of Companies 4th edn. 2005 Rs. 995
Sekhar Guide to SEBI, Capital Issues, Debentures & Listing 3rd edn. 2 Vols.2003 Rs. 2990
C U U Iyerís Guide to Company Directors 2nd edn. 2003 Rs. 1295
RODNEY D. Drafthing Corporate & Commercial Agreements- Legal Drafting Forms & Precedents, with FREE CD (Hb) Rs. 825
Shishir Jose Vayttaden on SEBIís Takeover Regulations 2010 Rs. 1695
S Ramanujam Mergers et al 2nd edn. Eco. P/6 Rep 2009 Rs. 695
Seth Dua & Associates Joint Ventures & Mergers and Acquisitions in India (Legal and Tax Aspects) 2006 Rs. 600
Aggarawal, Rohini & Saxena, Guide to Compliance Certificate (with Procedures) for Companies, Company Secretaries and other ProfessionalsHardbound-2004Paperback Rs. 550
Singh, Avtar Company Law, 15th Edition, 2007, Reprinted, 2009 Rs. 395
KHANNA NITIN Company Law Lexicon, 2000 (Hb) Rs. 450
SAHARAY H. K. Company Law (Textbook) 5th Edn. 2010 (Pb) Rs. 375
UNIVERSAL LAW SERIES Corporate Law. 2nd Edn. 2010 (Pb) Rs. 140
ROYCHOWDHURY Company Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Account withDifferent Types of Accounting Methods (1996) Rs. 550
JOHARI Commentaries on Companies Act (3 Vols) (2007) Rs. 5000
SURYANARA YANAN Company Notices, Meetings & Resolutions (2003) Rs. 990
SUR Dictionary of Company Law (1984) Rs. 160
M.C. Bhandari Guide to Company Law Procedures (With Corporate Governance & e-filing) 21st edn 2009 in 4 Vols. Rs. 7995
M.C. Bhandari Guide to Company Notices Meetings & Resolutions Including Draft Minutes, 21st edn 2009 Rs. 2195
M.C. Bhandari Guide to Company Notices Meetings & Resolutions Including Draft Minutes, 22st edn 2010 (Hb) Rs. 2295
M.C. Bhandari Guide to Company Precedents Agreements Deeds and Documentations with Practice Notes, 21st edn 2009 Rs. 2195
A. Ramaiya Guide to Company Act, 16th edn. Rept. 2008 with Box 1 & 2 & suppl. (Including SEBI & Ors. Statutes- updated Rs. 8995 + 2995 + 1980 Rs. 0
Cadbury, Adrian Corporate Government and Chairmanship, 1st Indian edn. 2003 Rs. 595
Farran, Eilis Company Law and Corporate Finance, 1st, Indian edn., 2003 Rs. 895
Singh, Avtar E. E. Jhirdís Law Relaing to Private Companies, 5th edn. Reprinted with Suppl. 1996 Rs. 300
Singh, Avtar Introduction to Company Law, 10th edn. 2010 Rs. 120
C. R. Datta Company Law, with Accounting & Audit, 6th 2008 Rs. 9999+2995 Rs. 0