Indian Edition Law Bonus
Author Title INR Price US Price
Commissions of Inquiry
Malik, P. L. Commission of Inquiry Act, 1952, edn. Rs. 75
Contract Specific Relief Tender
Pollock & Mulla Indian Contract and Specific Relief Acts (Vol 1 & 2) 13th edn. 2010 Rs. 2495
Mulla The Indian Contract Act 12th edn. 2009 P/B Rs. 495
Markanda The Law of Contract (With Black Listing) 2nd edn. 2008 in 2 Vols Rs. 2990
Sarkar On Specific Relief Act 16th edn. Reprint 2009 Rs. 995
M L J ‘s Law of Contract and Specific Relief (With Special Emphasis on Law of Tenders) 2nd edn, 2009 in 2 Volumes Rs. 2995
B S Ramaswamy Contracts and their Management 3rd edn. Rep 2009 Rs. 450
TR Desai The Indian Contract Act and The Sale of Goods Act (With Notes Based on English and Indian Cases) 20th edn. 2009 by BMGandhi Rs. 595
V Keshava Contracts I: Cases and Materials 2004 Rs. 395
JUSTICE NANDI Specific Relief Act (2006) Rs. 500
Dutt On Contract (Indian Contract Act. 1872), 10th Ed. 2006, Rs. 850
Ujjannavar Law of Contract, 2nd Ed. 2009, Rs. 350
DESAI T. R. Law Relating to Tenders and Government Contracts, 2nd Edn. 2009 (Hb) Rs. 1295
FRY A Treatise on the Specific Performance of Contracts, 6th Edn. (Indian Economy Reprint) 2008 (Hb) Rs. 995
KWATRA G. K. Arbitration and Contract Law in SAARC Countries 2008 (Hb) Rs. 425
MEENA R. L. Textbook on Law of Contract Including Specific Relief 2008 (Pb) Rs. 295
SONI DR. ASHOK Universal’s Digest of Cases on Law of Contract 2002 (Hb) Rs. 495
SUJAN M. A. Frustration of Contract, 2nd Edn. 2001 (Hb) Rs. 295
SUJAN M. A. Law Relating to Government Contracts, 3rd Edn, (with Supplement) 2003 (Hb) Rs. 995
SUJAN M. A. Concise Law of Government Contracts, (With Suppl.) 1999 (Hb) Rs. 200
Singh, Avtar Law of Contract and Specific Relief, 10th Edn, 2008, Rep. 2010 Rs. 435
Singh, Avtar Textbook on Law of Contract and Specific Relief Act, 5th edn. 2009 Rs. 250
Singh, Avtar Textbook on Law of Contract and Specific Relief Act, 5th edn. 2009 Rs. 250
Singh, Avtar Textbook on Law of Contract and Specific Relief Act, 5th edn. 2009 Rs. 250
JUSTICE MALLICK Indian Contract Act (2008) Rs. 1475
Copy Right, Trade Marks, Patents & Intellectual Property Law
Narayanan Law of Copyright and Industrial Designs, 4th Ed. 2007, Rs. 1190
Narayanan Intellectual Property Law, 3rd Ed. 2001, 7th Impression 2009, Rs. 330
Narayanan Law of Trade Marks & Passing off, 6th Ed. 2004, Reprint 2007, Rs. 1395
Narayanan Patent Law, 4th Ed. 2006 with Supplement 2007, Reprint 2010, Rs. 950
Narayanan Trade Mark Trade Name & Passing off Cases, 2nd Ed. 1997 in 2 vols., Rs. 1800
Kailasam & Vedaraman Law of Trade Marks & Geographical Indications 2nd edn. Reprint 2009 Rs. 1695
N R Subbaram Patent Law Practices & Procedures 2nd edn. 2007 Rs. 1895
N R Subbaram Demystifying Intellectual Property Rights edn. 2009 Rs. 1295
V K Ahuja Intellectual Property Rights in India. 2 Vols, 2009 Rs. 2590
Rama Sarma Commentary on Intellectual Property Laws (Patent, Designs & Copyright Law with Protection of Plant Varieties & Farmers’ Rights) 1st edn. Vol. 1, 2007; Vol. 2, 2009 @ Rs. 1695/- p. vo. Rs. 0
Feroz Ali Khader The Law of Patents-With a Special Focus on Pharmaceuticals in India • Pb 2009 @ Rs. 795/- • Hb 2007 @ Rs. 1595/- Rs. 0
Rajendra Kumar & Latha R Nair Geographical Indications: A Search forIdentity, 2005 Rs. 700
Philippe Cullet Intellectual Property Protection & Sustainable Development, 2005 Rs. 275
SHEETAL CHOPRA & AKASH TANEJA Patent Agent Exmination, 2nd Edn. 2010 (Hb) Rs. 1195
Sudhir Raja Ravindran Intellectual Property and Taxation, 2007 Rs. 495
VK Ahuja Law of Copyright and Neigbouring Rights: National and International Perspectives 2007 Rs. 595
VK Ahuja Law Relating to Intellectuai Property Rights, 2007 Rs. 445
AKHIL PRASAD & ADITI AGARWALA Copyright Law Desk Book - Knowledge, Access & Development 2009 (Pb) Rs. 395
ARORA MANISH Guide to Trade Marks Law, 2nd Edn, 2007 (Pb) Rs. 395
ARORA MANISH Guide to Patents Law, 4th Edn. 2007 (Pb) Rs. 425
I.L.I. Intellectual Property Rights: Global Vision—S.K.Verma & R. Mittal (Reprint) 2008 (Pb) Rs. 750
lYENGAR’S The Copyright Act, 1957 7th Edn. 2010 (Hb) Rs. 895
RAGHBIR SINGH DR. Law Relating to Intellectual Property, 2nd Edn. (ln 3 Vols.) 2008 (Hb) Rs. 2500
UNIVERSAL’S Intellectual Property Laws (Hb) with FREE CD 2010 Rs. 575
WADEHRA DR. B.L. Law Relating to Intellectual Property, 4th Edn, (Reprint) 2010 (Pb) Rs. 350
VENKATARAMAN SRIKANTH Understanding Designs Act, (Pb) 2010 Rs. 425
Unni Trade Marks & the Emerging Concepts of Cyber Property Rights, Ed. 2002, Rs. 550
Gopatakrishnan N.S. & Agitha, T.G. Principles of Intellectual Property, 2009 Edition Rs. 450
Roy, s. c. Lectures on Intellectual Property Law, 2009 edn. Rs. 250
Rao, R. Anita Intellectual Property Rights- A Primer, 2008 edn.,reprint 2010 Rs. 240
Jain, Pankaj Copyright and Trademark Laws Relating to Computers, 2005 edn. Rs. 285