Indian Edition Law Bonus
Author Title INR Price US Price
Constitutional Law
Malik, P. L. U.P. Consolidation of Holdings Act, 1953 with Rules, 7th edn. 2005 Rs. 150
D D Basu Commentary on Constitution of India, 8th edn. vol. 1 to 7 available @ Rs. 1995 Rs. 1995
D D Basu Shorter Constitution of India, 14th edn. 2010 2 Vols. Rs. 3990
D D Basu Case Book on Indian Constitutional Law (2007) Rs. 1250
Shukia & Sen Constitution of India (2009) Rs. 175
Bhattacharjee Equality, Liberty & Property under the Constitution of India, Ed. 1997 Rs. 200
Hansaria Does India Need a New Constitution? Ed. 1998, Rs. 130
D D Basu Constitution of India—An Analytical Approach, 3rd Ed. 2002, Rs. 750
D D Basu Select Constitutions of the World (including International Charters) 4th edn. 2009 Rs. 1495
D D Basu Introduction to the Constitution of India, 20th edn. Rep 2010 Rs. 220
D D Basu Constitutional Law of India, 8th edn. Reprint 2009 Rs. 795
D D Basu Comparative Constitutional Law. 2nd edn, Rep. 2010 Eco. P/B Rs. 695
D D Basu Comparative Federalism, 2nd edn. 2008 Eco. P/B Rs. 695
M P Jain Indian Indian Constitutional Law (with Constitutional Documents) 6th edn. 2010 Dx. H/B in 2 vols. Rs. 3990
M P Jain Indian Constitutional Law 6th edn. Rep. 2009 Eco. P/B Rs. 995
Arvind P datar Constitution of India 2nd edn. in 3 Vols. Rep. 2010 Rs. 4485
Dr. Ashok Dhamija Need to Amend a Constitution and Doctrine of Basic Features 1st edn. 2007 Rs. 495
Ibohal Singh Constitutions, Constitutional Interpretation and Human Rights (Indian and Foreign) in 3 Vols,, 2009 Rs. 4485
G MONOHAR RAO Constitutional Development through Judicial Process Rs. 395
Venkat Iyer Citizens’ Rights and the Rule of Law: Problems and Prospects Essays in Memory of Justice J C Shah 2008 Rs. 395
Ranbir Singh & A Lakshminath Constitutional Law 2006 Rs. 350
ANAND JUSTICE A.S. The Constitution of Jammu & Kashmir-Its Development and Comments, 6th Edn. 2010 (Hb) Rs. 595
ANAND PROF. C.L. Constitutional Law and History of Government of India,8th Edn. (85th Year of Publication) 2008 (Hb) Rs. 1275
BAKSHI P. M. The Constitution of India (Pkt. Size), 10th Edn. 90 Rs. 95
HANSARIA JUSTICE B.L. Sixth Schedule to the Constitution. 3rd Edn. (Hb) 2010 Rs. 795
KASHYAP S. C. The Citizen and Judicial Reforms, 2003 (Hb) Rs. 350
KASHYAP S. C. Constitutional Law of India, (In 2 Vols) 2008 (Hb) Rs. 3495
KASHYAP S. C. Constitution of India Review and Reassessment, (Reprint) 2010 (Hb) Rs. 350
PYLEE M. V. Constitutional Amendments in India, 3rd Edn. 2010 (Hb) Rs. 995
PYLEE M. V. Constitutions of the World, (In 2 Vols.) 3rd Edn., 2006 (Hb) Rs. 2750
PYLEE M. V. Select Constitutions of the World 2nd Edn., (Economy Edn-) (Reprint) 2007 (Pb) Rs. 395
SEERVAI H. M. Constitutional Law of India, 4th Edn., Reprint (In 3 Vols.) (Hb)with (FREE-Bakshi: Constitution of India) 2010 Rs. 3200
SHARMA PROF.MOOLCHAND Constitutionalism Human Rights & the Rule of Law - Essays in Honour of Soli J. Sorabjee (Reprint) 2008 (Hb) Rs. 550
SHIVA RAO B. The Framing of India’s Constitution (in 6 vols.) 2010 Rs. 5000
Errabi, B. (Dr.) Right to Travel Under the Constitution, 1986, Edition Rs. 50
Khanna, H.R. Making of India’s Constitution, 2nd Edition, 2008, R/P 2009 (Deluxe Edition) Rs. 950
Krishna lyer, V.R. Constitutionaly Miscellany, 2nd Edn., Reprinted, 2007 Rs. 350
Lahoti, Justice R.C. Preamble : The Spirit Land Backbone of the Constitution of India, 2004 Edition Rs. 280
Shukla, V.N. Constitution of India, by Dr. M.P. Singh, 11th Edn., 2008 Pb Hb- Rs. 590
DE D. J. The Constitution of India, 3 vols. 3rd. Edn. Rs. 1295
E B C The Constitution of India (Coat Pocket edn.) 2009 edn. Rs. 395
Iyer, V. R. Krishna Constitutional Miscellany, 2nd edn. Reprint, 2007 Rs. 350
Lahoti, R. C. Preamble: The Sprit and Backbone of the Constitution of India2004 edn. Rs. 280
Sathe, S. P. & Narayan sathya Liberty, Equality and Justice: Struggles for a New Social Order2003 edn. Rs. 475
Manohar, S. V. T. K. Tope’s– Constitutional Law of India, 3rd edn. 2010 Rs. 1500
Lal, Bhawani Extraordinary Trials from Law Courts, Reprint 2010 Rs. 265
Deva, Swati Law and (In) Equalities–Contemporary Perspectives Rs. 850
SNOWISS SYLVIA Judicial Review and the Law of the Constitution, 4th Ind. Repr. (Pb) Rs. 225
WELLINGTON Interpreting the Constitution– The Supreme Court and process of Adjudication, 2nd Indian Reprint (Pb) Rs. 225
The Constitution of India, 10th Edn. 2010 (Pb)
Consumer Protection
Q S M Dugar’s MRTP LAW, Competition Law & Consumer Protection 4tn edn Reprint 2009 in 2 Vols Rs. 2990
D P Wadhwa & N L Rajah Law of Consumer Protection, 2nd edn. 2009 in 2 Vols. Rs. 2295
BAROWALIA DR. J. N. Commentary on the Consumer Protection Act, (Hb) 4th Edn. 2010 (Hb) Rs. 1450
I.LI. A Treatise on Consumer Protection Laws —S.K. Verma & M.A. Wani 2004 (Pb) Rs. 450
KAUSHAL ANOOP K. Practical Guide to Consumer Protection Law,3rd Edn.(Reprint) 2010 (Pb) Rs. 295
Y VENKATESHWARA RAO Commentary on Consumer Protection, 2nd edn. Rs. 695
NCDRC Landmark Judgments on Insurance under Consumer Protection Act (Pb) (Foreword by Justice M. B, Shah, President) Rs. 220
RAO RAJYALAKSHMI Consumer is King (Pb) (Hb) 2nd edn. 2010 Rs. 395
SHARMA JYOTI Consumer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Indian ConsumerBanking (Hb) 2007 Rs. 395
GUPTA S. N. Banks and the Consumer Protection Law 2nd Edn. (Pb) Rs. 295
VATS R. M. Law Relating to Electricity with Special reference to Consumer Protection Law 2002 (Pb) Rs. 250
VATS R. M. Law Relating to Telephones with special reference to Consumer Protection Act, 3rd Edn., 2010 (Pb) Rs. 0
Singh Avtar Law of Consumer Protection (Principles & Practice), 4th Edition Hardbound - 2005 Rs. 590
VATS R. M. Law Relating to Electricity with Special reference to Consumer Protection Law (Pb) Rs. 250
Jaiswal, J. V. N. Postal and Courier Services and the Consumer (with reference to Consumer Protection Act), 2004 edn. Rs. 275
Jaiswal, J. V. N. Telephone and the Consumer (with Reference to the Consumer Protection Act) 2003 edn. Rs. 325