Uk & American Law Book - Indian Reprint
Author Title INR Price US Price
ABBEY A Practical approach to Conveyancing (Pb) Rs.325.00   $7
ALLEN C.K. Aspects of Justice, (Pb) Rs.295.00
Test Book Test Rs.450   $11
ADORANTI Commercial Contract Series (Set of 5 Books) (Pb) Rs.795.00
BAINBRIDGE Encyclopaedia of Information Technology Law, 6 books (Hb) Rs.2500.00
BENTHAM Introduction to the Principles of Moral and Legislation, (Pb) Rs.325.00
BODENHEIMER Jurisprudence (The Philosophy and Method of Law) (Pb) Rs.425.00
CHRISSIE Language on Trial (Pb) Rs.125.00
ALLEN C.K. Law and Orders, 3rd Edn. (Pb) Rs.395.00
BROOM’S Legal Maxims, 11th.Edn. (Hb) Rs.TBA
ASPREY Plain Language for Lawyers, 3rd Edn, (Pb) Rs.295.00
BARAKAHARON Purposive Interpretation in Law (Pb) Rs.395.00
COSGROVEA Scholars of the Law (English Jurisprudence from Blackstone to Hart) (Hb) Rs.295   $6
BUTLER SEAN Studying the Law (Pb) Rs.125.00
CARD0ZO The Growth of the Law (Pb) Rs.125.00
CARD0ZO The Nature of the Judicial Process (Pb) Rs.140.00
CAMPBELL What Every Good Lawyer Should Know, (Pb) Rs.125.00
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